going on tour again soon!

Request YOUR CITY for the next
Dragos Comedy Tour

Hey everyone!


I've begun to plan all the cities to go to on my next tour!

Many of you have requested your city, I'll try to do my best to come to your city.

You can request a show here, so that I can notify you as soon as the event goes live in your city.

This way you will NOT miss the show!

Thanks and looking forward to seeing you in real life soon! 😊

P.S.: If your city is not in the list, I will try to go to the closest possible city!

Don't miss out on future shows!

Coming to your city soon.

NOTE: Some countries are prefixed by "The".

So if you can't find your country, it might be starting with a "T". For example, Netherlands is saved under "The Netherlands". Thank you!

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